Building a URL in a text module / text module should not make link from URL

Hi all,

we’re trying to create a URL in a text module from fixed URL that we append the ticket number to.

It looks like the text module can’t help but convert that URL into a link as its entering the text into a reply or note. The signature by the way does the same. This does not make any sense to me. When i click UPDATE, any URL will be converted to a link at that time. Why does the text module (and the signature module) also do this? Sure it’s nice to see a URL in blue while typing the reply/note. But given there is no way of editing a hyperlink, it would make much more sense for the URL to appear as clear text while typing, except if copy/pasted from another rich text source.

Should this be feature request?

We found that by assigning the URL to a variable, we could get it into the text module as plain text. But the URL has to be typed, not copy/pasted into the field for it not to be replaced by link. We’re using Group.note as the variable.

But if the text module concatenates 2 variables, there is a random new line that can appear between the 2 values. At least they are preserved as plain text which allows further editing in the reply/note.

This is already what happens.
However, if you edit an URL (so something that has been an URL (a href) already, then you will receive an unexpected result. That’s not a direct issue of Zammad but a Browser behavior.

All richtext editor fields in Zammad behaves that way actually, it’s not bound to a specific UI part.

I’m not entirely sure if I got this.
Adding URLs as plain text should be no issue at all - if it is, as far as I’m aware, it’s not made by Zammad. You could possibly workaround this issue by using the developer console to adjust the a href as needed. Keep in mind to keep it simple, funky stuff might trigger Zammad’s HTML sanitizer to kill out stuff.

Never tested that - in general it kinda of doesn’t feel right to come with content that potentially contains new lines and sort. You may want to use normal text fields (strings) which in general would be a cleaner approach.

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