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we’re currently evaluating Zammad as an alternative for our existing OTRS setup. One big thing that may cause issues some day is the fact that you don’t have such a good overview over the e-mails, notes and other types of contents inside a ticket, like in otrs.

In OTRS there is an overview of the complete ticket history on the top of the page, where you can quickly navigate through the whole ticket and “through time”. In tickets with 50 notes and more, this is a real issue as you can’t quickly mark important respones or jump directly to one, as you always have to scroll through the whole ticket, reading the contents while doing so in order not to miss the part you’re searching for.

How to fix this:
You could dedicate the lower part/half of the right sidebar to an overview of the ticket or even create a whole tab for it in the right sidebar.
To mark a response, you could mark it with a star ot something.


Thanks for your input.

As for marking: Did you already see our feature to mark content of articles neitherless or their kind?
This is global for agents - I think this might be a good alternative to settings stars

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I’m sorry for the long response time.
Yea I did see the ability to mark content, but there’s no quick overview for large tickets with 50+ or 100+ responses.

The issue here is that you have to scroll a lot, before you can even find marked content. An OTRS like list, where you at least can see a short summary of the responses would be very useful here, as scrolling to find a marking doesn’t seem like an acceptable solution here, even if it’s in general more useful then “stars”.

Maybe in such an overview you can mark one response with the color matching the markings done.

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Hello Zammad community!

I just wanted to ask if there is any progress or if there are any ideas regarding this matter. It’s a big bummer for companies with large support tickets and it hinders productivity and the overview when scimming and searching for information in a large ticket with 50+ answers.

Sorry but this got no attention yet. Also, we currently focus on the Knowledgebase. ^^"

I’ve personally seen very view tickets with more than 30 articles - what kind of ticket has over 50 articles?
(It honestly interests me), as you could for example also split a ticket into several tickets where you can work on each topic seperately. (that would be the better approach in my opinion)

I’ve seen some more companies with regularly more then 30 tickets. IT companies with longer developing and testing purposes for example.

And yes it would be “better” to split tickets or matters of tickets, but that isn’t always possible and also not all companies will change their behaviour towards the ticketsystem, it has to be the other way around.

There isn’t much to discuss in my opinion, because even if you haven’t seen many tickets with more then 30 or even 50 tickets, there are people being ok with and/or are using this numbers and having to be organised.

The marking feature is useful for tickets with limited answers and notes, but it won’t help the operator if he has to scroll a big page and scim for colors. That’s inefficient and not designed for larger tickets/workloads.

I even showed you some solutions to this problem:
Give the user to mark a specific answer or note, or at least give an overview of all places, where some operator marked something in a ticket on the right tab drawer/sidebar.

Please let me know what you think about this.


I think you want almost the same thing you can see here on on the right side:


Maybe the timeline could pinpoint the various articles on a ticket so one can click and scroll to the point of interest.


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