Beeing able to link to specific answer or note of a ticket


you all maybe know this short requests escalating very quickly and now you have a ticket with tons of notes, respone ping pong between multiple agents, the customer, third parties and so on.

Sometimes we link tickets to our Knowledgebase, in a chat, whatever.

It would be very helpful for us if every followup has an own link I could use.
With this I could link exactly to this answer, note whatever.

By now when I chat with someone outside Zammad, I send him a link to the whole ticket with a hint “scroll down to the answer from november 13th at 12:15”.
Depeding on the escalation one need to scroll down a lot!

Other ticket or task management system do have the option to link exactly to one answer, comment, note, whatever.

Would be great if zammad could implement this too.

Best Regards


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