Basic question: Available features for open source version?

Dear all,

I am very interesting in using Zammad. I have a very small hosting company.

Because of my own hosted servers and my company rules, I would like to have all my data on my own servers, not in a foreign cloud. So I am only interesting in the self-hosted version (open source). I can image to use external support, but EUR 2,400 per year is also too much for me.

But first I would like to install and test it anyway. But before I start, can one of you answer me the following questions?

In the self-hosted open source version, do I have there

  • a live chat
  • mobile device support (so e.g. an app or mobile website, where I can use Zammad)

And how does the live chat work? Best would be for me, there would be an app, if I start the app, live chat is ON, if I close the app, live chat is OFF and the current status is shown to the vistors on my company website.

Kind regards,

There’re currently no limitations to the open source version, so yes, you’ll have chat functionality.

Please note that Zammad currently does not offer mobile devide support (and no native app).
If Chat is enabled within the Settings and by atleast one Agent, the Chat will appear on your website.

Hi MrGeneration,

I am open-minded to pay some Euros per month per agent for open source version too. I just want to host my own data on my own servers. But I would need mobile device support. :frowning:

So maybe at a later time. Thank you for your answer!

Kind regards,

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