Backup/Restore script won't work after Postgres SQL upgrade for Zammad 4.2 on Centos 7

Hello. After upgrading default PostgresSQL from Centos 7 distribution I noticed, what Zammad backups are failed to save Database.
Problem are in path variable in zammad backup/restore scripts, what does not contain /usr/pgsql-9.6/bin

Original PATH in /
“Fixed” PATH:
I added missing path to / files, but this only works until next Zammad version update.
What are correct way to fix this issue?

Hi @voljka - thanks for reaching out. There’s already a fix available upstream in develop for this issue. It will be released with Zammad 5.0. You can download and use the fixed versions already if you like. Please be aware that you need all of the files in the commit and have a look at the other changes mentioned in the commit message.

So, if I not mistaken, official fix are: delete PATH variable definition from backup/restore scripts.
I just leave my solution until Zammad 5.0 out then.
And for $PATH variable for all users, I added:
into /etc/profile.d/sh.local

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