Autoresponder Ping Pong

Hi there,

we have the default trigger running for email on ticket creation.

Now we see sometimes the behavior if a customer has a stupid autoresponder a ping pong of emails.
The problem is caused by the autoresponder of the customer which just sends the same subject everything. Like thanks for your mail, without attaching anything from the old mail in subject or body, so zammad has no chance to assign it to a ticket.

Any Ideas?

Do you want to assign the auto-reply to the right ticket or do you want to ignore it and prevent unnecessary tickets?

both would be okay. :slight_smile:
Just to avoid the spamming with responders and the creation of hundreds of tickets

In this case you could add a filter rule under Email -> Filter which checks if an email is one of those auto-replies and ignores them.


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yeah but the i have to type in text from this auto reply right? So nothing generic?

If these mails have different styles and nothing in common, yes.

Automatically generated ‘thank you for submitting your issue’ style tickets SHOULD set the Auto-Submitted header, which would cause Zammad not to send a response.

Same would happen if they set the older Precedence: bulk headers.

If the stupid autoresponder of your customer does not well-behave, you’ll have to create the email filters as described.

There is something that detects ‘too many’ new articles in a ticket in Zammad, it is here -->>✓#L926 but this only would work after you’ll already have all those articles in your system.

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