Automaticly send an email to customers after 3 days no reply


  • Used Zammad version: zammad 3.3
  • Used Zammad installation source: (source, package, …)deb package
  • Operating system: ubuntu 18.04
  • Browser + version: edge

Expected behavior:

  • Three days after Agent reply customers, the system will automaticly send customers an reminder email. If the customer replies within three days, the auto email will not be sent.

Actual behavior:

don’t know how to set up

Steps to reproduce the behavior:

You definitely want to read the admin documentation on scheduler.

First, you should note that scheduler runs in UTC, not your local time zone.
Second, your scheduler jobs can only run every 10 minutes (which should be more than enough in this case).

If you want your reminders to be sent at around three days after the last contact from the agent, you could set up something like this:

Make sure that you filter the state of the ticket. If you forget to exclude closed tickets things could get quite messy :wink:

Then add the email notification under ‘execute changes on objects’. EDIT: Also, don’t forget to add a state change (as @MrGeneration fortunately added below):

EDIT: Please read the other comments below as well :wink:

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Please note that Bens approach, while it works, does send out emails for any tickets thats older than 3 days with state open.

This means that you will write a mail every 10 minutes on the same tickets and thus start to spam your user. You may want to ensure to break the condition afterwards.

You can do so by e.g. changing the state or adding tags (and checking for them being not set on the ticket) as condition.

Well, thank you very much – that was unfortunate. :thinking:

At the moment, we’d also be checking for 'updated at' before (relative) 3 days. Of course, any changes to a ticket, be they manual or automatic, would reset that timestamp. So if you want to use that approach to automatically send an email reminder every three days, make sure not to do anything with the ticket in the meantime.

Another approach we’re currently using requires another state which we called waiting for response. You should check the documentation on ‘Working with ticket information’ via rails console. Within that same scheduler that sends the notification make sure to change the state.

Also, once PR #2862 get’s merged, this should be a lot easier. (I’m looking forward to that moment!) :heart:

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