Automatically close ticket when customer does not answer


I would like to create an automation / time based action where tickets are closed automatically after 7 days if within 7 days the customer has not responded. Is this possible?

Customer creates a ticket via e-mail
Agent answers
Customer does not respond within 7 days: ticket will be closed automatically and customer will be notified

I think the variable <% = d “ticket.last_contact_customer_at”, true%> indicates when the customer last replied. However, I can not use these in any condition; Here I can only enter a static date.

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i think the trigger already exist in R2.3 with a relativ time

trigger -> last contact (agent) -> relativ time -> 7 days

I have created two test tickets:
27014 last reply agent: The last answer comes from an agent
27015 last reply customer: The last answer comes from a customer

The automation rule does not show any hits.
Automation -> last contact (agent) -> relativ time -> 1 minute

When I add the condition “Status -> open” both tickets will be shown.

I think I need a condition like “last ticket message comes from a customer -> True” or “last ticket message comes from an Agent -> False”

PS: Using zammad V2.3

Have you considered using the “pending close” status? This will close the ticket when the pending date is reached.

To prevent closing tickets where the customer actually answers in the given time you can set up a trigger f. e. (in pseudo):

if status = pending close
updated by = customer
set status = open

or something like that.


Another - to be honest kinda strange - solution could be working with tags.
You would need to build different triggers/automations for that.

  1. trigger
    if updated by = agent
    set tag = waitingforresponse

  2. trigger
    if updated by = customer
    remove tag = waitingforresponse

  3. automation
    if tag is set = waitingforresponse & last response = 7 days ago
    set tag = noresponse
    set status = closed

That way you could use the reporting the count all tickets that got closed because the customer didn’t respond.

Ofc you would need to adjust the triggers to your needs.


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