Automatic Assigning of priority


  • Used Zammad version: 3.1
  • Used Zammad installation source: (source, package, …)
  • Operating system: Windows
  • Browser + version: Google Chrome

Expected behavior:

  • Customer will see the priority of their ticket once they select an urgency to their ticket

Actual behavior:

  • the only solution i came up is by select options on the object. but this option will allow the user to select its priority. but the objective is to automatically assign the priority based on what the user selected on the urgency.

is there a way where i can set a condition that if the customer select an urgency=high, the priority of the ticket will automatically become high and it will show on their ticket?

The most important question here is:
How shall Zammad automatically determine if this is urgent?

You can trigger that by special phrases within subjects or bodies, via object values or even mail priority.

My (and proberbly any one elses) answer thus depends on your use case.
Please describe it a bit better so we can understand what you want to achieve (and how (that’s the missing part).


please refer to my screenshot.

the following are the views of the user. What we want to achieve is that there will be another object named “priority” with the values Low, Normal, and High. the value of the priority object will be based on the urgency (with values Low, Normal, and High) that the customer select. If the customer select the “Low” option on the urgency object, the priority object will be automatically become “Low”.

Is this feasible? Please advise. Thanks!

Create Objects Format is Select
Display Name:

then use trigger

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I’d use a trigger:


Urgency is high


Priority => high


  • This will also happen if an agent does this. (Zammad currently can’t check what the users rights where upon updating or creating)
  • This allows your customer to change the priority of tickets to high which might be unwanted
  • You can flavor it with action is updated or action is created to restrict this to updating or creation tickets
    • sub note to that: This will allow you to define sender is customer which reduces the trigger to customers only (works only if the customer adds an article)
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Edited my 1st reply wrong word Trigger is the right word

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