Auto reply trigger not working on redirected emails


  • Used Zammad version: 6.0
  • Used Zammad installation type: package
  • Operating system: AlmaLinux8
  • Browser + version: Firefox 117.0

Expected behavior:

  • Auto reply email is sent for any ticket created in a group

Actual behavior:

  • Auto reply email is only created if you send to the primary mailbox. If you Email a secondary mailbox, which redirects to the primary, then a ticket is created, but no auto reply is sent.

Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  • We have a primary support account ( that delivers to a global group.
  • We have a secondary account ( that has a redirect (not forward) rule, redirecting emails to the primary.
  • The accounts are both on a Microsoft 365 Business tenant.
  • Emails directly to the primary get an auto reply as expected.
  • Emails to the secondary do not get an auto reply, although a ticket is created in the same group.
  • Trigger:

On further investigation, this does not seem to be a problem with the trigger. I assigned the same trigger to a different group, and redirected the same test mailbox to that group’s email, and the trigger works…

So now I am lost. Could it be something with the mailbox configuration? The group configuration? I do not know enough about how Zammad evaluates triggers.

I have identified the cause, and it is not an issue in Zammad.

If my test account is redirected to the “” mailbox, then Exchange is adding the following header:
auto-submitted: auto-generated
Zammad is configured to skip auto replies if it finds that header.

Confusingly, if my test account is redirected to “”, a different mailbox in zammad, then Exchange does NOT add that header.

I realize this now goes outside the scope of this community, but if anyone has some ideas why Exchange would behave like that, I’d appreciate hearing about it.

What rule in exchange is adding those prefixes? That isn’t a default configuration.

If you don’t want them, you need to adjust that rule to stop adding them.

That is the $1 Million question. I can’t find any rules in Exchange that are doing this. Our Exchange admin left the org recently, so I am left to dig. Thanks for the reply though.

That’s always tough when you don’t know the setup. I have been in this situation so many times.

You’ll want to check two places. Mail Flow rules and Mailbox rules. You may want to go through each rule to see what they are doing exactly. Sounds like you have some tedious work ahead of you.

I I got a similar problem. Only my mail is redirected by google workspace. And I don’t know what to do.

I have zammad on the domain suport.domain.tld, but emails come to @domain.tld and are redirected to the mailbox support@support.domain.tld from where zammad picks them up. And autoresponse doesn’t work. If you send a letter to support@support.domain.tld - everything is ok.