Auto Reply (on new tickets) issue

Zammad 2.3.x
Installed via Zammad Docker
Debian 9.2 netinstall

Hello guys,

I have the problem that the “auto reply (on new tickets)” Trigger doesnt work for me.
But stuff like “creating a ticket when someones send an emai to our it-ticket email adress” and “answering the ticket and the ticket creator gets an email” works fine for me.
Only this trigger doesnt work for me and I dont know why…

Here is my trigger:

works here

Weird :confused: It doesnt work for me hmmm
Is there maybe something I have to change in the settings ?
A setting which is depending on it ?

Is it maybe a bug ? Do I have reinstall it ?

Did you take a look in the ticket history?
Maybe Zammad did send an email, but it doesn’t reach you?


Well f*ck me its working now and I dont know why…

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