Auto merge of tickets

Hey Community,
I was wondering if there is an auto merge feature available? Or if something can be done with triggers?
Here’s my use-case:
We have an HR tool that sends emails on new hires containing information. Due to the process this information is split over two mails, which I need to have in one ticket.
The sender is the same as well as 80% of the subject. Can I somehow automatically merge such tickets based on regex or something else?
Thanks for your hints.
Best Sebastian

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I don’t think this is possible right now.
But there must be something like an “auto merge” in the code.

They use it for nagios integration.
If you connect nagios monitoring to zammad it sends a mail for the alerts and this creates a ticket.
If nagios sends the recovery mail, zammad compare this mail with the open tickets, adds the mail to the ticket and closes the ticket.

I would talk to to get a quote how much time and money it would cost to do it.
If your hr-system has a wide distribution some other customers have the need for that feature.

I guess this is a basic feature that is missing. Similar problem: got a monitoring system, zabbix. It sends mails when a event is created and when it is resolved. There is just no possibility to match the second mail to an existing ticket.

Problem described here in more detail: Zabbix 3.4 Integration

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