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Hey there,

I´m currently evaluating Zammad as an alternative for OTRS.

I´m looking for a feature which does the following:

  1. Customer is creating a ticket (from Web or Email) in a ceartain group
  2. If the ticket is in a ceartain group, the ticket will be automatically forwardet to a external Email
  3. The external Email responds to the Email
  4. The answer of the Email will get matched to the right ticket

Is this yet possible with zammad? Am i too stupid to build something like that with triggers and email filtering?

Could you guys perhaps send me a guide or list the steps to get this working?

Thank you in advance.

Hey @szg-mw,

i think everything you ask for should be possible.

  1. Have a look at those two parts of the documentation:

  2. You could build a trigger for this:

  3. I don’t think i’m understanding you 100%. Could you be more specific on this?

  4. Zammad supports this - yes. You can configure this inside the email settings.



thanks for your reply.

Is it possible to send an Email via Trigger to a 3rd party which can be chosen free? I feel like there should be a “custom” field for external Emails.

The thing I want to do is (perhaps you know the feature from OTRS) if a User creates a Ticket in a certain group the ticket will be opened as normal but a 3rd party will be notificated via email about the ticket and the hole content of the ticket (e. g. the customer writes a update to the ticket)

I hope you understand what I trying to discribe. If not feel free to ask me again and I will try to do a drawing.

Thanks in advance.

Hey @szg-mw,

i think this isn’t possible with the GUI atm. Maybe there’s some workaround via API but you’d probably have to code that yourself.

That set aside it’d be a nice enhancement though.


Hey @dvnkln,

do you know where I can put this topic as a feature request? Right here or do I have to put this on Github?

Please use the communtiy (so right here) with simply the category “feature request”.
I’d also create a new topic with the feature request to keep it clean and also describe the use cases better.

This essentially helps for understanding and voting.

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