Auto fill current customer's email to input area when reply ticket as email

As you can see , could you please auto fill this “TO” area as a default like this:

And if I don’t want to send email to this customer , I can click the “X” icon , I think it’s very convenient.

Looking forward to your reply.

Your screenshot actually shows a use case that will actually underline my opinion:
How is Zammad supposed to know which contact you want to reply to?

Right - it can’t especially if you have several parties in the ticket.
It does have a auto complete function to help you.

It show automatically enter the sender as a recipient if you click this icon.

Thanks for your reply!
I have another quesion.

If this ticket don’t have a “reply” button, I can’t get the current customer’s emial quickly. :joy:
And I’m sorry for my poor English!!! @MrGeneration

Is it possible that most people choose to reply to the email of the above avatar?(I guess)

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