Auto-Create User when creating a ticket with the API and using request_on_behalf_of

I’m not really sure whether this is a feature request or would fit better in technical assistance:
I’d like a Application create Tickets on behalf of a user that might or might not exist within zammad at that moment. For having the user auto-created within ticket creation there is the guess:user@e.mail way, but that does not seem to work for the user field in the X-On-Behalf-Of header (resulting in Unauthorized as reaction). I use the header because I want everything to work as if the user had sent a mail.
So currently I would need to do a search for the user by mail, create it if it does not exist and then create the ticket with the X-On-Behalf-Of header set to the users mail. The request would be to have the guess:-feature also working in that header. Or is it already there and I’m doing something wrong here?


If I understand the ticket_controller correctly, it should do this:

Please provide a full example that you’re sending to the API, otherwise it’s difficult to help you.

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That’s what I’m trying to do:
curl -u existing_admin_user -H “Content-Type: application/json” -H “X-On-Behalf-Of: ‘guess:notyetexistinguser@domain.tld’” -X POST -d ‘{“title”:“Help me!”,“group”: “Users”,“article”:{“subject”:“some subject”,“body”:“some message”,“type”:“note”,“internal”:false},“customer_id”:“guess:notyetexistinguser@domain.tld”,“note”: “some note”}’ http://zammad.tld/api/v1/tickets
The result is:

{“error”:“No such user ‘‘guess:notyetexistinguser@domain.tld’’”}

it also does not work if i do net write guess: in front of the mail addres in the X-On-Behalf header.

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Hi! Did you resolve your issue? I have the same question.

I have also the same problem… Anyone found a fix ?

I removed X-On-Behalf-Of and it’s work now

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