Auto Close Zammad Tab

I dont know if there is workaround regarding to my request. (only saw is the macro close tab)
I want is you can set via admin settings.

My request is Auto close all open tab if reached the time you set. to prevent some agents or users that not closing their tab, even already closed ticket or after opened user profile. or settings in zammad.

Thank You and More Power

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@MrGeneration Maximum number of logged in users

Hi Sir I saw your reply regarding ticket tab that users with less ticket tabs open will need less resources means its good to server and this is my main reason why I requested the Auto Close Ticket (zammad) tabs option

Zammad will allow a maximum of 30 concurrent opened tabs, if reached, it will close the oldest tab.
A small exclusion on this is, if you have 30 tabs with edits that are not safed (changes), Zammad will not close older tabs.

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