Auto Close Tickets after success mail


we are on the current release of Zammad.

From different devices, e.g. USV oder NAS, we get mails from time to time: “Battery check started”, “Battery check completed successfully”, “Disc Check started”, “Disc Check completed”,… There is a device ID and more unique identifies in each mail, so technically its possible to check if the “started” mail belongs to the “success” mail.

Is there a way to auto close such tickets? Its something like “Problem” and “Problem solved”. I am not that pro in RegEx. Perhaps its an easy task with triggers?!

Thanks for your assistant.

Edit: Merging these tickets would be nice, too, to see the history “Check started” and “Check completed” in one ticket.


we use the free Raw Edition of CheckMK for our monitoring. So no rocket is needed because we can monitor all things there and a history is there too.

But if you need that in Zammad you can do it like this:
Go to the Admin-Panel > E-Mail > Filter.
In this section you can define filters for the incoming mails. Maybe you can set a different sender address for the mails?

Another way is you can search by „Body“ in your mails. So select „Body“ and as value „self-test completed“ or so. Below that you can choose the action (e. g. set state to closed)
You can combine that with the subject, if you don’t have a different sender address

Thanks for your reply.
Integration in our monitoring ist not possible. That would be the best solution, I agree.

My problem is: It should be as generic as possible. I do not want to configure a trigger for each device. So, it should work like “Oh hey, there is a ticket with subject ‘USV test started’ and ID X, now there is a new ticket with ‘USV test completed’ and ID X. Merge and close it.” where ID X should not be hardcoded in the filter / trigger / … This is where i stopped. :man_shrugging:

This is not possible