Attachments not going for forwarding mails

  • Used Zammad version: version 3.1.x
  • Used Zammad installation source:
  • Operating system: Cent OS 7
  • Browser + version: Chrome Version 77.0.3865.120:

Expected behavior:

  • All attachments should be go to the recipients while forwarding the mails(original mail from customer with some attachments)

Actual behavior:

  • While forwarding mails from Zammad, it will show attachments but recipients are not receiving those attachments
    If i download those attachments locally and attach manually to the ticketing system again while forwarding, it will work(My work around solution for forwarding mails)

Steps to reproduce the behavior:

Please share valuable comments on same to sort this issue.


Might be this issue:

If not, please share detailed steps to reproduce the behaviour.

I saw that article, i think its not exact same issue,Here attachments are not removing from article, but recipients are missing those attachments while receiving , but its not happening for all articles.

Please describe a step by step way to reproduce this, as otherwise we cannot fix it if it’s a bug.

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