Attachment warning message - Anlage


  • Used Zammad version: 5.2
  • Browser + version: Chrome

With the last update to 5.2 there has been a change in the value that is used for the “Attachment Warning” message. Till 5.2 it has been “Anhang” (german), since 5.2 it is also “Anlage” (german).

As we’re working with a huge amount of tickets that contain the word “Anlage” (because this word is more often used as a synonym of “system” or “plant” in germany, this warning-message appears on mostly every ticket - and really causes headache.

I tried to change the behavior by changing the word for “enclosure (EN) - Anlage (DE)” on the translation page, but it seems that the word “Anlage” is hardcoded.

Can you please give me a hint how to remove/change this search-keyword?


i think this is the referring code; zammad/ at f795370e5c9f583d9fd8f485fdf4ff112b082f2a · zammad/zammad · GitHub

Thanks for the hint, found the line, seems to be hardcoded…

Then the question is, how to change it? Or can the “Enclosure” values be removed? I think the “enclosure” is only suitable for english speaking agents / customers. The problem is that this word seems not beeing properly translated to “Anhang”…

maybe a bit hacky, but can’t you just continue the loop when the word is: “Anhang”.
Something like;
if attachmentTranslated.toLowerCase()== “anhang”

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