Attachment ist sent back to customer

  • Used Zammad version: 2.9
  • Used Zammad installation source: (source, package, …) RPM Package (yum repo)
  • Operating system: Centos 7
  • Browser + version:

Expected behavior:

  • Ticket with attachment, created on the web console, should not include the attachment in the email notification sent back to the customer

Actual behavior:

  • Attachment is included in the notification

Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  • Create a new ticket through the web chanel, which has a file attached
  • Check the notification email returned by zammad to the customer

This is a quite big issue for us, as we often deal with large attachments. IIRC 2.7.1 did not behave like this.
Is there a quick fix for this behaviour? otherwise I’ll have to downgrade back to 2.7 or 2.8

thanks and best regards
Kay Goldinger

What kind of attachment are we talking about? A PDF-File (as example) or inline image?
Also, please provide your trigger configuration, as I’ve never heard of that kind of notification behaviour

Hi MrGeneration

I talk about file attachments such as pdf, zip… not inline images.
I think the trigger configuration could lead us in the right direction… We use the following trigger for new tickets (mail or web channel):

I think the source of the issue lies in #{article.body_as_html}, which seems to get treated differently if the ticket was submitted either by email or through the web channel. If submitted by email, the trigger returns only the text (and inline images) from the body, otherwise the attached file is included.

Thanks a lot an best regards

Woah you’re right!
That’s new, please give me about half a day to talk to the dev that fixed that variable with this update.

Personally I think it’s awesome to ship attachments, but I think it’s the wrong way to do it.

I’ll give feedback asap

Sorry about that, it’s a bug!

I’ve already filled it in:

(We will remove this behaviour soon™ )

But as I like that feature, we will think about adding this as an enhancement, see:

Thanks for the info!
You’re right, a feature where I can send the attachment as an option would be a great idea

best regards

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