Attachment in note to notification email


if I attach a file to a note this is not attached to the email to the customer.
At the moment I see the attached file in the note … but the customer do not get this in the email
I am sure something is wrong in my email notification template.
Can someone explain how I can send the attachement to the customer?

The note:
2021-05-22 19_29_12-Persönliche VD

The mail to the customer:
2021-05-22 19_26_16-Window

Hi Stephan,

how do you generate the note notification?

Notes are normaly not ment to reach the user. Instead of notes you can create answers. Then attachments should be contained in the answer mail. (In my test they did.)

Best Regards,

Hi @bernhardk Bernhard,
you can set the visibility of of note to “internal or public”. If it is public the customer can see the note if he logon to zammad.

We like to use this funktion for the communication instead of an “email” who is sending if you use “answer” because this is always the anwser. If you do not have a note from the customer (we are working the most time on the phone and only internal users in the company).

Yeah, I know and understand what you mean. But notes are not ment es answers that you send to the user. If the message should be sent to the user as an answer to his issue, you should use answers.

If you want to make the communication directly in ticket system, then you should make the notification only as a notification to tell the user there are new messages. But why then do you want to send him the whole message and attachments?

In my opinion:
Note => Notification with only info about new message and attachement without sending the whole message and the attachments.
Answer => Answer to the ticket including the whole message and attachments.

Hi @bernhardk Berhard,

just I make some “tests”.

I will be honest.
It seems I misunderstood the concept.
I’ll talk to my team about it.
In the future, we will use customer communication the way you described it.

Thank you :slight_smile:

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And for the rest there’s an issue:

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