Attachment forwarding in triggers

In triggers that send an email to a recipient, it would be nice to have the ability to forward the original message attachments.

This request was already done by several people in the past, but all topics got closed.
I suggest that feature requests don’t get closed automatically, since the time of development could be so much longer than the automatic closing time!

Unless there’s in the category “no can do” there’s no “yes or no” to them.
Opening several threads to the same topic does slow us down and split the “hearts” over the threads. That may decrease the chance us seeing the need for those things.

I agree, that’s why I don’t understand the logic of blocking threads after a period of time, for features requests. This blocks me from adding a user case or to express a view on the feature request, even if it has been created a couple of years now. Creating a new thread is the worst option, as the vote count starts from zero and discussion is reset.
What is the alternative? To only vote older ones?

The system automatically closes threads after some time of inactivity. This can’t be disabled in discourse but was adjusted some months ago so it takes more time to happen.

So yes. On a closed thread voting is left.