Attached images are not shown when receiving emails from the ebay messaging service


If you want to use Zammad for member-to-member communication, then you can add your email inbox where you receive the email messages from ebay, as there is no direct integration for the ebay messagesystem.

The sender can add attachments to the message, but only images. Supported are the following file types:

When you receive a message with images added to it, the attachments are not delivered with the email together but only shows a preview images. Once you click the image, you will be redirected to the ebay message system where you can view/download the images.

Zammad filters the HTML code of email messages and this results in the problem that these images are not shown anymore in the message.

Is there a way to edit these HTML filters?


Zammad does not (and never did) a download or display images that are to be loaded from external URLs.
There’s at least one feature request in this direction.

Please don’t fiddle with the HTML sanitizer. It’s there to protect you and the application.

Completely understand and agree :slight_smile:

Currently the problem is that it is not visible if the message includes images or not. How about a list with trusted sources? So when the source of the external image is on the trusted sources list, images will be downloaded?!

Something like Google does would be a cool approach I believe.
Downside is tracking pixels will be triggered so admins most likely will wanna be able to disable it to increase security.

As a work around:
Download either the RAW or the HTML version of the article. This will allow you to view the images. I know, it’s not the best approach.

Maybe ebay will change their mind at some day and finally embedded images in the mail itself so you don’t need internet to read those kind of mails. But oh well.

Yes, that workaround works fine and since the images still need to be viewed online in the ebay image service. The only “issue” is that you need to view the raw mail each time, as the standard view in zammad doesn’t show any sign of an attached image. So if you don’t expect an image, you still need to look at the raw email to make sure there isn’t.

eBay announced that they are making some changed to their message service. If that means that they will offer an easy to implement rest api, than that will be the way to go. But so far this is not garanteed.


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