Association of customers to organization based on ldap

Right now it is possible to associate customers to organizations based on domain.

If using zammad for internal technical support in a large company it is pretty useful to group the tickets by the department the enduser (customer) belongs to.

accouting and billing of support for each department, information for management which department makes the most effort, …

You could take the organization for the departments, but you can´t use the domain based automatic association, because all users of the organization belong to the same domain.

If you are doing internal support within a large company the ticket system is connected to ldap.
So it would be possible to do the association of the endusers (customers) to an organization (department) by ldap.

To keep it flexible and provide usability for many usecases I would suggest not using OUs or LDAP groups for the assignment.
Instead realize the assignment based on an ldap attribute.
The zammad admin should be able to configure which ldap attribute should be used for the mapping.

i.e. if the zammad admin configures the field to be “department” zammad should associate the user to the “zammad organization” with the same name that is written in the “ldap department field” of the user.

Any other users in the community that use zammad internal in a large company who have the same needs or suggestions to that?


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This is one thing I thought about too.
Maybe it would be enough to make the zammad attribute organisation available in the already existing LDAP attribute -> zammad attribute mapping. Depending on how the whole organisation thing is implemented.

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