Associate LDAP and SAML users doesn't work anymore


  • Used Zammad version: 6.0.0-1691139038.c2b281b3.focal
  • Used Zammad installation type: ubuntu repo
  • Operating system: ubuntu focal
  • Browser + version: chrome on windows 11

Expected behavior:

all users which exist in LDAP should be automatically associated with SSO users login in via SAML if they have the same email.

Actual behavior:

only users which already logged in using SSO months before get associated witht heir LDAP user when logging in to Zammad using SSO.

Steps to reproduce the behavior:

my LDAP-settings:
(mailprimaryaddress and email is the same value in my LDAP)

givenname firstname
sn lastname
mailprimaryaddress login
telephonenumber phone
mail email

my SAML setting:

Login using SAML → Results in new user with their email-address and a number like “2” after the email.

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@MrGeneration maybe you can check this?

Hi @letmesetupthis. Not sure if it’s related, but did you check the setting auth_third_party_auto_link_at_inital_login'?

hey there
yes, that’s already activated. sadly it still doesn’t work anymore.

I need to see if I can test this somehow. But this will take some time.

I could give you access to my Setup remotely. If I can share it via E-Mail.

This will not help because I cannot debug there etc. :slight_smile: