Assign users to organization according to e-mail account


we have a dedicated e-mail account only for users of a particular organization. They’re automatically assigned to a group when they’re created - is it possible to automatically assign an organisation, too?

Thanks in advance!

You can use the Domain based assignment in Admin->organisations, see documentation

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Thanks, I had already read the documentation page and have unsuccessfully tried domain based assignment with a wildcard, so I suspect I misunderstand something about this. We’ve got clients that write from their various private mail accounts to always the same mail adress of ours, but we have different mail adresses on the same top level domain for different purposes.

What would the entry for “DOMAIN” be if wanted all clients that write to let’s say “” to organisation A (…but all clients that write “” to organisation B)?

Sorry i’m unsure if the DOMAIN supports wildcard/regular expressions. Maybe somebody else knows.
I’ve only used the feature an exact matching domain name. so in your case
Maybe you can setup subdomains like and match based on those, if wildcards/regular expressions aren’t supported

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Wildcards are not allowed.
The only possible way to use wildcards is the postmaster filter and its regular espressions.

But that won’t help you here. So no, there’s no way to achieve what you want to do.

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