Are categories in the knowledge base movable?

Hey guys,

first of all I’m not sure if this is part of the Technical assistance or Feature request category, but I’m looking for a way to move already existing categories in the knowledge base.

For example, we’ve set up the KB successfully and already filled it with many categories and corresponding answers. But things start to bloat up pretty rapidly, so I’ve wanted to create a new category “Software” and put all existing software related categories into there to keep the KB’s homepage clean. Is there currently a way to achieve that and I just missed it?

Thanks in advance, your product rocks!

Welllll, yeah.
Go to the desired answer, hit “Edit” on the upper right and then change “Category” to the new category you fancy more. :slight_smile:

At least on my end it shows me the complete category structure with childs. :slight_smile:

Klassische Betriebsblindheit :man_facepalming:t2: Danke!

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