Appointment preview > download file

Probably a small change request which can improve usability a bit in specific circumstances.
If in a appointment preview the file for the download has no file extension, zammad should fall back to handle it as a ics-file therefore a manual renaming of the file to open it with the the default application would be obsolete.

We have seen this behavior in Teams appointments which results in a file with no extension while trying to download it.

We couldn’t follow 100% so we would like to make sure, could you please confirm that this is what you mean? :slight_smile:

You get an appointment invitation from MS Teams like this

And when you press download file it will be downloaded without the .ics extension so you have to rename it before you can open it in your calendar app. Your suggestion is, that it will be downloaded directly with the .ics extension so that it opens directly in your calendar app?

for internal/developer note:

In case, to replace “file” with “appointment.ics” we just need to extend the line 844

with the follwoing:
‘text/calendar’: %w[ics appointment],

Yes, that is exactly what I meant.

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