API tool for exporting tickets to PDF for archival purposes

Not a request for assistance, but an FYI of a possibly interesting tool for some people, as I have seen several questions here regarding PDF exports of data in Zammad for data archival purposes.

We had a specific use-case for this, as some tickets in our various Zammad instances need to be kept for a long time, and even possibly made available via our country’s national archives in the future. Our developers have created a tool which trawls trough the Zammad ticketing system via API calls and exports tickets to PDF format. As of today, this tool has been made publicly available and open source under the European Union Public License 1.2 license. The tool is currently not under active development anymore.

The tool has various options to choose either a full export of every ticket, just a percentage of the total, specific group(s), etc.

Warning: This is not intended as a backup solution. You cannot import the resulting data back into Zammad.

nl-rdo-zammad-api-export on GitHub


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