API: how to list tickets in a certain overview?

I found the (still undocumented :)) /ticket_overviews API endpoint. It returns the list with a summary of information:

    "count": 1,
    "link": "all_open",
    "name": "Open",
    "prio": 1030
    "count": 0,
    "link": "all_pending_reached",
    "name": "Pending reached",
    "prio": 1040

But how can I list/search the tickets associated to one of that, via API? I suspect the link param has something to do with that, but cannot figure out. I see it’s used in the WebUI endpoints, but I cannot find how to use it via API.


Sorry for the wait.
You’ll love this one… :wink:


Your API-Call, for default “all unassigned” Overview will look like this:


Be warned, this returns more than just ticket data… :smiley:

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