API created ticket not visible to all agents


  • Used Zammad version: 3.1
  • Used Zammad installation source: helm
  • Operating system: k8s
  • Browser + version: firefox nightly

Expected behavior:

  • When creating a ticket via the API, I’d like all agents to see said ticket.
    What needs to be added to the REST call so that the ticket is visible to all agents?

Actual behavior:

  • Gets assigned to api account (whatever account’s token I use).

Steps to reproduce the behavior:

API rights depend on the users rights (whose API key you’re using).
Additionally, please ensure that all agents that shall find the affected ticket, have access to the group you’re creating the ticket in.

I believe I may have found the problem. I was using a linked account (Google) and that user cannot create tickets or view tickets. Any idea where to start with troubleshooting on this (should I start a new thread?)?

If this issue appears within the API and it makes a difference if I logon to the account via local database or an linked account (which ends in the same local account) then this sounds like a bug.

Linked accounts are basically the same account and should act that way.

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