API Based Groups

Is there a way to actually use Zammad via API ?

The specific Problem is the email part,

The Tickets are exclusively Created by API but Answered (via email) from within zammad,
however if i cannot add an “outgoing email configuration” only as it seems? I dont want
zammad to “import” any emails from “xxx@mydomain.com” but only send / answer to tickets
by using “xxx@mydomain.com

[the reason to do this is cause i can enrich the tickets based on the email and then add them by api pre-definiting many custom objects ]

Technically the webapp of Zammad does use the API only so yes, you can use Zammad only with your own set of API scripts if you want to. See our API documentation for that:

You technically can create sendout only accounts as well, but that’s not very convenient for your customer that may want to answer on your mail, right?

In case it’s not required for whatever reason, see:

the answeres of course are processes the same way the initial email is, its basically an api leveraging sendgrids inbound parse and then enrichting the email (by use of zammad objects) with data from a CRM so that they can be directly access / linked from zammad … so from POV of zammad the “inbound” of new tickets as well as updates to existing tickets is always the API, but replying should be handled natively by zammad, so its only a “sendout” account and the customer will notice absolutly no difference

hey @MrGeneration i tried that now but i cannot configure it, i.e. sendmail probly means the underlying system but i need to actually add an SMTP server as a sender, is this also possible somehow? (we use Sendgrid as our central SMTP which can act as a normal SMTP server)

If your mail service in question speaks SMTP, you can also add it to your instance.
You basically have to adjust the outbound: { adapter: 'sendmail' } part of the command mentioned in the sendmail documentation.

If you remove preferences: { editable: false } from the command you should be able to edit the outbound part of the channel. However, not that this might be error prune as this is usually not the way to go.