Api based group and statuses

we use zamamd via a middleware all tickets are added by using the API instead of via email

who is reponsible for updating the status, is this handled by zammad? i.e. if
a customer adds a response (by adding an article via API) do i have to update the status myself?

Cause it seems like a status of “closed” stays closed even if i add an customer article to it (i.e. a ticket reply) and i would somehow would have expected that the ticket than automatically gets the status “open” again - but it seems like i have to make an extra call? that seems very dangerous cause it means that “my code” would need to manage some but not all of the zammad ticket statuses, i thought the zammad backend would update the ticket status accordingly?

This highly depends on how the customer responds.
If you do this via API as well, you may have to adjust it depending on your payload.

If the customer replies via mail, Zammad will automatically switch the state to open unless your configuration forbids it.

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