Answer via mail per default


is there any possibility to answer to all Tickets via EMAIL natively?
I always have to change from NOTE to MAIL.
Notes = is used nearly never.
Mails = used 100 times a day :wink:


Would be better workflow (i.e. Change priority) of answers Options…

Any Workarround available?


Well yes, just hit “reply” below the last article and you’ll automatically end up in mailing mode. :slight_smile:
No other native option without hacking (which I would not encourage you to do)

Please can you elaborate on how to hack this?

Our team consistently add notes instead of replying by email. We need to change the UI and don’t mind how it gets done, even if it is not clean.

Which templates do we need to edit?

I just wanted to suggest that we file a bug for this on GitHub, because this was something that also immediately confused me when I started to evaluate Zammad. Turns out there is already one:
@MrGeneration would it be possible to unlock the issue again so we can upvote it? GitHub won’t allow voting on locked issues :frowning:

@antweb Have you considered to do in-house training for your agents and explaining the problem to them? That is what I’ve done, though I can’t say yet how well it’ll work, as we’ve haven’t started using Zammad yet ^^

An easy workaround would be to edit the translation (assuming you’re using a non-English locale). Ensure that you’ve chosen a non-English locale (e.g. German) in your profile, and then go to Admin -> System -> Translations, and search for “Enter Answer or”, and change the translation to something like “Interne Notiz eingeben oder”. The UI will then say “Interne Notiz eingeben oder Dateien wählen”, which hopefully should make it clearer to your agents that that field is not the proper way to reply.

I unlocked the conversation for voting, please do not create comments on how much you want the feature/change, as I will then immediatly lock the issue again.

This is to keep the noise low for our devs so that they concentrade on their tasks.

A trigger could look this (even though it does not solve the main problem):
Please also note that it’s untested and might need fiddling to fit your needs.


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