Anonymous Tickets

We are thinking about adopting Zammad as our support system, however… we really need to be able to offer an anonymous ticket as an option.

Does anyone have any ideas about how this could be implemented as an add-on or an implementation?


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What do you mean exactly?

For example we have a simple form in our intranet. By default the sender is „nomail@khbvt.local“ set. If the user doesn’t change it, the ticket is anonymous in our system.
Other guys which have an email account can type in their mail address and zammad link the account to the AD-object.

Is that maybe your use case?

Please describe the desired workflow.

Usually with ticket systems, the customer requests support with an issue, and there’s back-and-forth communication between the technician and the customer, until the issue is resolved.

Like @Dennis1993 mentioned, one way of accomplishing this anonymously would be to have customers submit tickets through the web form channel, and all tickets are associated with a generic customer like “”.

The issue with this is the technician has no way to contact the customer, this means that there’s no way to get more information about the issue, or confirm that an issue is fixed. In a lot of cases that will make for a bad customer experience.

Another way would be for customers to submit tickets with the chat channel. That way they can send messages back and forth with the technician.

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We’d like to have the ability for people to create anonymous tickets that they would be able to later access somehow to see the response to their inquiry and provide follow up information, etc.

In the support system we are trying to move away from, this is done by generating a private link for the anonymous user, that can be revisited at a later time.

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I’m guessing that the person submitting a ticket to the chat channel would either have to have a persistent connection to the chat channel, or we would have to provide fast responses via 24/7 support. Is that correct?

That is correct.
Chat’s are timing out so that most likely is everything but an option.

Zammad is not capable of such a function and there are no workarounds for that.
It’s whole core is identifying so that would be a complete re-write.

So, we would be willing to pay for development of a plug-in or other way to create a possibility for this to work and then be available as FOSS to others who use Zammad and desire this feature as well.

I was hoping for some creative conversation about ideas about how this might be a possibility.

Create a new ‘anonymous user’. create tickets with form or via API with that user?

We’d need to make sure that each “anonymous user” could not see tickets belonging to someone else. So maybe it could be that each new “anonymous user” for a new ticket got a unique extension like “anonymous user a1XlajN22”

We might need to clean up the “anonymous user” account eventually, so that it didn’t become a problem in regards to db size.

We have the same requirement. Access links that don’t require authentication would have been great, but let’s see what options we have left.

  • E-Mail: Users can send messages into queue and I assume it’s possible that they get updates to their tickets to the address that they used create it. (I assume this also works if a customer uses a web-form for first contact)
  • Force people to create an account (on your system or on an external IDP) before they can create a ticket.

Another option would be to integrate with a persistent chat application like matrix.

It’s whole core is identifying so that would be a complete re-write.

We we need to identify users, we could create accounts based on e-mail addresses but instead of forcing people to set a password, just send a verification e-mail to the known address every time the user wants to log-in.