An actual search UI

My request is pretty simple; I’d like agents to have a graphical UI search function that makes it easier to limit hits. The problem with all searches is that finding everything isn’t helpful, of everything consists of hundred and hundreds of cases. It’s not practical to go through all of it case by case, manually.

Yes, there are advanced search syntaxes you can use, with AND, OR or even regexes, but show me the average support agent who’s comfortable with regexes and I’ll show you a unicorn.

An advanced search would open a different UI element where all the important options are selectable and can be combined with ui elements (checkboxes, dropdowns, etc) to organically guide the agent into assembling a query.

Naturally, this query should be possible to save for later as a pre-selectable query, so you don’t have to assemble a recurring search again, you should be able to save an arbitrary amount into something like a drop-down selector.

Obviously without removing the possibility to type in a search with switches and regexes and all.

(Also, search results also need a way to select what columns you want to see in the first place. The case ID, for instance, is rarely relevant yet uses a shit ton of screen real estate.)