Allowing translation of user interface into Arabic

Hello. I would like to translate the interface into the Arabic language. I see this is possible to do if you select a language from the list of supported languages in profile settings, but Arabic unfortunately is not listed there. Arabic is the 5th most spoken language in the world and I will be delighted to help translate Zammad into Arabic.

@thorsteneckel can you help?

The lovely @KoJie can help here :wave:

Sure, many thanks first @34910 for your engagement. By translating Zammad into Arabic we will hopefully reach many more people than before. This is great.

Since the Arabic language has to be created as system language first, please download the following CSV file, translate it and send it back to us:

It is important that the file is saved in utf8 format. We have had the best experiences editing this with LibreOffice.

Afterwards we enter the data, whereby the language “Arabic” is selectable as system language. From then on, further translations/corrections can be transmitted directly via Zammad.


My original motivation for the Arabic translation has unfortunately subsided, at least for now. However, I did translate about 85% of the material. I am posting the translation file here in case someone else wants to continue the job. However, a lot of the translations I made I wasn’t sure about because of the lack of context, or sometimes I would choose a better translation for a word down the road and not replace previous translations with the new one – you would definitely need to review the entire translation in context to make sure it is consistent and makes sense.


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Dears all,

I will try to help


Done !


As mentioned on Add Arabic language
I’ve created a ticket, please allow us to work on this.

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