Allow the customer to set the priority in the web form


  • Used Zammad version: 5
  • Used Zammad installation type: docker
  • Operating system: linux
  • Browser + version: firefox + 94.02

Expected behavior:

  • Customer can create ticket in the web form with a custom prioritiy.

Actual behavior:

  • There’s no priority box

I’ve also tried to show or make it mandatory with CoreWorkflow but it didnt work.
I’m aware there’s is workaround to create custom object and triggering it to set the priority of ticket.

But is this the only way?
Is there no a hidden setting to enable it for the customer?

Have a nice day

Hi @algra

as far as I know, it is not possible to change this object. If you somehow manage to set it visible to customers, it might be changed by any updates in the future.

But try this:

  • Create a custom object of the type “select” and add 3 values "(low, normal, high).
  • Make this custom object visible to customers.
  • Set up some triggers that changed the priority based on the value of the custom object.



Open ticket:



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