Allow placeholders in custom attributes of triggers

is it possible to set the titel from a new ticket, from a costum field from the selected costumer? I don’t find a solution for this problem.

Thx before :slight_smile:

Could you please explain a bit more about your specific use-case and why this can’t be solved by either Postmaster filters or Triggers?


you have to put the variable of your field-name in a trigger like my example in screenshot.


THANKS BOTH :pray: :pray:

This solution don’t work. At Trigger the system don’t enter variables. :frowning:

Be aware that new triggers are broken atm. Fix is on the way. Follow this thread

Afterwards the trigger of @7qubit should work.

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Thanks @rolfschmidt, i have updated but the problem is still the same. The System don’t enter variables at trigger.

Ah you are right. I also had this wrong in mind. Currently you only can use the placeholders in the subject and body of a trigger action email. Would be a nice enhancement to have placeholders there too tho. sorry


THX @rolfschmidt
Have anybody a other idea to set the title from a ticket by placeholder. Or make a costum field from organisation visibly in Ticket Formular. :blush:

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