Allow multiple Destination Groups per E-Mail Account


when working with a single E-Mail Account and multiple e-mail addresses, the configuration is inconsistent.

  1. Create a new e-mail account → The Account with its primarily address ( is now linked to a Group (PRIMARY_GROUP)
  2. Add an e-mail address ( to the newly created account → The e-mail must be linked to the group also (SECONDARY_GROUP)

That sounds consistent while reading, but it isn’t. When an email is received with the “TO” header set to it will nevertheless create a new ticket in PRIMARY_GROUP because the account is linked to the PRIMARY_GROUP.
There is a workaround currently by creating a filter that moves mails with TO set to to SECONDARY_GROUP.

Proposal: Remove the link from E-Mail Account to GROUP and move it to the E-Mail Adress as a single point of truth.

The channel decides the main destination target.
But you still have postmaster filters to overcome this, unless your email server is a b*tch and rewrites to fields.

This is more of a technical question which is why I’ll be editing it’s category.

Hi @MrGeneration,

I’ve created it as a feature request by purpose. I know, that it’s possible to work with filters, but that is not intuitive and inconsistent.


Alright, then please edit your “feature request” in a way that it’s not a complete technical question.
It doesn’t read like a reqest but a question.

I’ve changed the category back.