Allow groups to be ticket owners


we have different teams at our school that are responsible for different tasks (e.g. one team for endpoints, one for our LDAP, one for our web services, etc.).

When tickets come in, they can be currently assigned to one person. However, it would make more sense for us to be able to assign a ticket to a team as well.

Thanks a lot for your great work!

Alexander Kallenbach

This is already in Zammad’s core functionality. You should make dedicated groups for this and add the relevant agents to the group. You can change the ticket to that specific group and the entire team of agents would be responsible for handling that ticket.

We use groups for tickets. We have an overview that only shows tickets in that group. That way the agents can see the tickets they are responsible for, and address them accordingly.

I’ve already created groups and added agents but I don’t see how I can change the ticket to that specific group? Can you maybe help me?

JFI I changed the category of this thread to technical question because that’s what it is.

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You probably need to give your own account the necessary permissions to change tickets to that group, otherwise you won’t see the group or be able to change tickets to that group.



Thanks a lot. After a logout and relogin I am able to change a ticket to a group.