Allow English text change

Continuing the discussion from How to change/translate some of English terms?:

I created currently an issue at GitHub and got forwarded to here. I found out there were already a discussion on it.

Furthermore, I would also like to change English text because the text doesn’t fit our language to our customers. I change the T function to translate to allow English text to be translated without changing upstream code.

Ideal it would be if the translation map not maps to text strings. Instead, placeholder could be the way to go. That could also make it easier to introduce/change strings without to change to much code.



ZammadChat.prototype.translations = {
    en: {
     "compose_message": "Compose your message..."}}
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Have you tried the “ctrl+alt+t” combo and just typed over the text you want to edit? This worked for me as “Title” was confusing for our users and I replaced it with “Subject” and “Owner” with “Technician”

Where should this combination be used?

Thanks, this a good tip, but this doesn’t help to translate/change original English.

Why not? I replaced “Owner” with “Technician” and “Title” with “Subject” in my install. All English.

Perhaps you need to update? I don’t think they are allowing changes to English right now, even though I think there could be some improvements (at least if the intention is US English).