Allow email notifications for all users of an organization

Hello everyone!

Here is my request proposal

Actual feature
If a user (customer, not agent) that is part of a shared organization creates a ticket, all users from this same organization will be able to see it.
This allows colleagues to follow up on tickets if colleague is on vacation or anything else, through their overview.
This is a very good feature from my point of view, but it seems to me it is lacking something : While they can see the ticket if they go after it, nobody gets warned (mail) that this ticket even exist.

Actual triggers allows to send mails to:

  • Article Last Sender
  • Owner
  • Customer
  • All Agents

Enhancement requested
When the user creates his ticket (and when the ticket gets updated), we can generate a notification to himself, to warn him.
Other users from the organization can’t be notified actually (or i missed something).
I do understand that sending mails to every users would not be ideal for many use cases, but it might be a cool thing to be doable.

My proposal is to allow triggers (creating them manually) to send mails to every users of the involved organization, or cherry pick a few users (Which could allow more use cases).

What is your opinion on this?
Did i miss a feature?

PS: If this feature request have already been made, i apologize. I tried to read all the topics and did not find it, but i may have just miss it.


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