Agents forward emaisl from own email account


  • Used Zammad version: Trial
  • Used Zammad installation type: (source, package, docker-compose, …)

Our customers should email our support address which is a shared mailbox and all emails are forwarded to our hosted Zammad TRIAL account, which is working well.

However, some customers (ie: colleagues in same office block) sometimes email us direct on our own personal email address. As a current Zendesk user we would just forward that email to the Helpdesk and this creates a ticket in the users name and email. In Zammad if we, as agents forward the email in it creates a job in our name and the reply address is the shared mailbox address not the original user, even though it shows the orignal reqyester in the body of the ticket.

Is there anything we can do to help with this?

You can do this by

  • Set Admin/Channels/Email/SettingsSender based on Reply-To header to “Take Reply-To header …”.
  • Start forwarding the customers email in your mail app to the address of your Zammad instance.
  • Add the customers email address (and maybe the name) in the Reply-To header of that email.
  • Send it.


Will give this a try @Speedbomb

This works for us now @Speedbomb

Thanks you

Glad i could help :smiley: . Mark my post as solution… :slight_smile:

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