Agent tickets in user overview

Hey there,

it would be nice if you’d have a column for “agent tickets” in the user overview.

Currently it looks like this:

This user is an agent. But there’s currently no way to get to “his” tickets he’s working on from here.

So now if f. e. a manager wants a quick overview how many tickets one specific agent is currently handling there are two options:

  1. the zammad admin has to create overviews
  2. the manager needs to use elastic search syntax (owner.login: bla AND !state: closed)

You could handle option 1 totally fine but with 30+ agents it’s a pain to configure (yeah i’m lazy) and the server performance is most likely gonna suffer.

Option 2… yeah. It’s not really an option for a manager. They usually can’t remember the syntax correctly.

Sooo something probably everyone could hande would be clicking on the user and getting something like this:

With a click on “Agent Tickets” you’d get all open and closed tickets just like you’re getting them now for every ticket the user is a customer in.

Of course this column should only be shown if the user (the user i’m looking at) has an agent role.
For me to see this column i’d need a role which has read rights for the groups the tickets belong to.

What do you guys think?



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