Advice on how to organize agents and customers by location


Hello! I’m trying to create a volunteer help desk system that will be used in my state, and I’m not sure how to organize organizations, groups, etc to make sure volunteer agents don’t get too many notifications about tickets from customers in locations that are too far away from them to physically meet the customer.

How can I make it so I can email only Agents who would like emails about [X] type of help in [Y] location?

Thank you very much for the help!


  • Used Zammad version: zammad-3.3.0-19
  • Used Zammad installation source: Docker
  • Operating system: Debian 10
  • Browser + version: Firefox 68.5.0esr

Expected behavior:

  • The types of help we’re offering should be common across the whole state, ie, “Help with delivering groceries”.

  • I want to have a Customer specify which location they’re asking for help in, so that Agents who would like to address “Help with delivering groceries” can get email notifications about new tickets that are in the location they would like to provide help in.

  • Agents should be allowed to subscribe to multiple types of help and multiple locations.

    • Example: If an Agent wants to help with “Help with delivering groceries” and would like to help in “Town A” and “Town B” (and no other location in the state), they would:
      • Get notification emails whenever a new ticket comes in asking for “Help with delivering groceries” in “Town A” or “Town B”.
      • It’s okay if volunteers can see tickets unrelated to the type of help they’re offering/in a location they can’t help in, if that’s a technical limitation.

Actual behavior (approaches I’ve considered):

  • Triggers to send emails when there are new tickets with a certain combination of location and help type (probably “Groups”):

    • I know I can use Triggers to look for different object attributes (such as making “Location” a public ticket attribute), and I can then send emails.
    • However, the only possible recipients are “Article Last Sender”, “Owner”, “Customer”, and “All Agents”.
  • Using a combination of groups (Location and type of help)

    • I also know that Agents can customize their notifications to limit their notifications to certain groups, but a ticket can only be assigned one group
    • It would be tedious to make a group called “Help with delivering groceries - Town A”, etc for every combination of location and type of help.
  • Creating an organization for each location, and having ticket alerts be sent only to agents in that organization and group selected for the ticket

    • There doesn’t seem to be a way for a customer to specify which organization to join.
    • I can’t use Triggers to watch a custom attribute called “Location” to then automatically assign the ticket to an organization either

Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  • N/A

The only way I see here is to use groups as location based “restriction”.
This also enables you to set location based settings.

That’s about it.

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