Additional Field for Username

Additional Field for Username in Creating new User in Admin and even when customer creating an account
To have an option to log in on the Web using only the username and not the whole email address.
Sample Pic

There’s already a “login”-field - you can use the login or E-Mail-Address.
Normally (when not using Third-Party authentication like LDAP), the E-Mail-Address will be your login.

You can change the login with the following command (or via API):

Or you’d use e.g. LDAP.

Thank you Sir @MrGeneration , I already saw that command in rail, but example If I have already 1000+ internal user/customer using their email add to login I need to update it one by one T__T

I guess is more convenient to our customer or administrator if there is username field included upon sign up or manual register by the admin … (personal opinion only)

Thank you

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