Adding Watcher to Ticket

Hi Guys
We are new to Zammad and are really excited to start using it in our productice environment. The only thing I am really missing is the Add Watchers feature. I only found one post in the forum regarding this so I wanted to ask if there are any updates on Adding Watchers (Non-Agents) to open Tickets?

many thanks


Hi @Elvetino_IT

you can use Mentions / Watchers by typing @@


Hey Gijs
thanks for the quick reply. I am really interested in adding a specific User as watcher to another Users Ticket (Not Agent). Do you know if this feature is implememnted

Hi Oli,

I am not sure if it works for non-agents as they usually don’t have access to the ticket. But you might give it a try with both users in a shared organisation. Organizations — Zammad documentation

But the mention function will only work in the web app of zammad. I will not automatically set a user as a cc recipient on an outgoing email.

I hope this helps.


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Guess its time to go play around and see whats possible :slight_smile: Thanks

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