Adding pre-defined email address for each agent group

Hi all,

Finally I have set up our Zammad v4.1.x system and everything works fine. I have searched documentation and forum to find how to add defined email addresses for each reply or reply-all action.

I have seen this topic which fits my requirement but not explained well: CC in every answers - #4 by MrGeneration

I also found adding BCC feature for the entire outgoing emails which is also inadequate for this must have feature.

Normally, while we are supporting teams or clients we delivers them a personal email inbox to send their requests. And while they are sending their requests they adds their team group email address to follow the mail thread. But also for the agent side we have additional mail address which is our support team’s mail group and dedicated to the relevant client and we are using as traditional mailing. So for the every email we keep the mail group as CCed to get aligned all the teams and managers.

When we create an email inbox which managed by Zammad we report send ticket to this email address and add another email address (which is our team group email address) while creating tickets. Mostly clients does not add it and we clicks on reply-all and adds client’s emails group address PLUS zammad team’s email group address.

So, here what would be perfect if we achieve this functionality:

Defining static TO,CC,BCC email addresses are really needed in group configurations and can be defined group by group. When user clicks to reply-all button; these predefined address are would be visible and user can be remove manually as usual.

Currently, we are doing this manually for all reply-all actions. Also we always warns the client please add also our mail group address.

Any consideration or reply back is really welcome.

On the other hand; is this configuration can be done with triggers or filters with v4.1.x?

Kind Regards…

Any comment on this. Is there any way to do it by current functionalities? Any feedback or reply back is really welcome :slight_smile: