Adding link/URL to text

To add links to text (like this), one needs to copy/paste the preformatted linked text from e.g. word as is suggested in this topic.

However this is a feature our agents ask for, precisely to avoid the detour via word.

This request is related to an earlier request for richtext editing (see this issue), but the suggestion given there to use shortcuts does not hold for adding URL’s to text.

Of course, markdown support would rock.

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We already have a WYSIWYG editor on our list - this is actually issue 330.
Though, we have no ETA for it.

My apologies if I interpreted this incorrectly, but from issue 330 I could not infer that this was on your list of things that will be considered. Maybe I missed something. Also, comments are closed for this issue (for reasons I understand) so I could not add the argument of adding links nor give it a thumbs-up.

I currently expect providing text URLs that don’t appear as blank url to be included in this, because this is one of the core functionalities of a richtext editor.

I’m afraid I can’t provide more information on this topic as of now.

I would like to add my voice to this issue.
Zammad could really profit from this function.

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